Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blip Blip Blop!

Haven't blogged in a long-little-while. Here's the low-down, in one big run-on paragraph:
I'm in rehearsals for another play, Crimes of the Heart. I will be playing the part of Chick. I love the cast. I'm definitely the biggest dick out of them all. I'm talking about me, not my character, although that's true of my character, too. It's the nicest group of actors and a glub-glub to boot. Thank God. Also working on getting a big handful of scripts in the can. No, I'm not the writer...I have my ways. Two of them are horror films...I don't watch horror films myself, or particularly like anything about them...but they are SUPER fun to make. That's my motivation. Fun times. Ummm...ellipse, ellipse, ellipse...what else? Had a little job up at Sundance in one of the gifting suites. I will fill you in on a little secret: the people in showbiz who actually are worth a shit are the cool ones. The wannabes are the bigger dickheads by far. Neat, so you say you're in a Sundance film? How nice of you to leave out the part about you being a featured extra. Thanks for only talking to me through your publicist(?!). Grab your free shwagg and go eff yourself. Chaske Spencer of werewolfy Twilight fame, however, was hands down the coolest dude ever. He's filming one of the biggest films right now and couldn't have been more down to earth. Suspicions about the motivations of some local filmmakers were also confirmed. No, I will not go into further detail on that note. (Insert clearing of the throat here...famewhores). Worked on So You Think You Can Dance with some great, amazing, talented, wonderful friends (Thaddam!). That was good. I will admit that I am a big Robin Antin fan and it was really hard for me not to interrupt her in her dressing room everytime I walked by her. But, I managed to keep it together and instead signed my name next to hers on the wall like a true stalker (see attached photo). Berlin, the sinfully adorable malamute, has turned one and has just lost ALL of her puppy coat. Sad face. From last week on, I now refer to all kitties that I like as "Pussydolls". No, nothing perverted (for once)...I just think it's a cute term of endearment for my feline friends. I'm debating taking a makeup class so I can learn all the tricks of the trade, because you can rarely trust there will be a good MUA on set in indie films and it would be nice to actually acquire a skill I could use to make money. (But my recommendation is Danielle Carlsen all the way--she has really good stories to go along with her suberbly talented skill set. Tianne Pierce and Shanda Palmer are also right up there!). Now if all that random crap wasn't enough, here's more: My new favorite fragrance is NYC by SJP and I'm currently uberly, ridiculously obsessed with RED's new cd Until We Have Faces, workout guru Tracy Anderson (even though I've literally yelled at the top of my lungs in frustration during one of her dvds), the Love It lipstick by Lancome, the EnviroSax bag I got at Sundance, Nappi Clothing, Vita CoCo coconut water, and I'm over the moon happy that I got to sit next to my mom at our boxing show last weekend. That is all. Off you go...ellipse, ellipse, ellipse. XOXO

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  1. Sahna I lurves you! My current obsessions are Nutella and Lovecat wallets and anytime you need me, call. I will fox trot right on over.