Sunday, November 7, 2010

Drama Nerd

I'm two days into a ten day run of my first play. I am thrilled at the discovery of how much my ballet training as a kid has resurfaced like a life-long friend. I did not expect all the dance memories to come flooding back so strongly. I realize now that I was a born performer. I always THOUGHT that I was, but now I KNOW. I know it like I know my faith. My regret is that I abandoned my destiny for so many years. I wish to the heavens I could go back even just ten years and hop on this thespian train. I suppose things happen when they're meant to.

Anyway, theater is a new experience for me, having worked non-stop on films for the last two years, I was very excited to venture into a new challenge. What a challenge it has been! I haven't quite decided how to wrap my thoughts around it yet, but what I have found interesting is that as unnatural and difficult as the rehearsal process was for me, when it's showtime, I am oddly relaxed and my character seems to (finally!) have been found. I remember that I was never nervous about dance recitals either. My world just clicks together under those lights. This is not to say that I won't have a bad night, but overall, this experience has given me a new outlook on why I'm pursuing this difficult profession. Film remains my love, but the theater has given me valuable insight to myself. I am hungry for each night of personal discoveries this play is so generously washing over me. During rehearsals I thought I couldn't wait for the play to be over. Now with eight quick performances left, I already mourn the end.